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Why Bunker's?

Great question! Other than an abbreviation of what is known as a Sand Bunker in golf, Bunker means a lot more to our community and the golf course. Just a few years ago, much to our excitement, two elk decided to make Applewood Golf Course their home.  As new members of our golf family we decided to name them Bunker and Brassie.  Poor Brassie was hobbled with a bad leg, but Bunker never left his side.  The two elk were inseparable for several years.  We were inspired by Bunker’s kindness and loyalty to his friend.  So, as Bunker did for Brassie, we want our new restaurant to be a space of refuge, gathering and camaraderie for our loyal customers and new friends.  While here, don't forget to check out Bunker's very own antlers! And who knows? Maybe someday he’ll return to check out his new Taproom!  Cheers

Bunker December 2016